Solar power machines now produce mineral water

Solar power machines now produce mineral water

Solar power machines now produce mineral water

A brilliant innovation of Scientists from a Belgian university has brought to light the study of converting urine into drinkable water. They claim to have produced this machine at a 10-day music and theater festival in central Ghent, Belgium.

When they examined and applied the procedure it turned out to be the brilliant discovery of 1000 liter of unused water!

Membrane distillation is the key process that is being used in this process to recover the water back! They claim to dispose of 95% of ammonia by the used of this process. The urine at first is collected in a huge gigantic tank where it is heated up to a high temperature. On the second note, it is then passed through the membrane that removes away all the harmful pathogenic elements present in it that can be; nutrients like nitrogen and potassium, which can be used to make fertilizers.

Now on the main note, the proposal provided to the governments are to install up bigger versions of these machines, especially at the airport, the sports venues, and also in some rural communities around us.


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