IPhone 7 Pre-Orders Starting From 9th of September

IPhone 7 Pre-Orders Starting From 9th of September

Here’s the good news for the iPhone lovers, the wait for the latest iPhone 7 is finally over. It’s stated from the unofficial leaks of the iPhone 7 that its pre-orders will start from the second week of September that is the 9th of September.

The launch of iPhone 7 is imagined to be one of the biggest events in the history of the technology of the apple manufacturers.

It is going to be the upgrade of the S version. It has also been claimed that the launch of this phone is expected to break apart many of the sales records.

EVAN BLASS, has early tweeted that the pre-orders will initiate from the 9th of September. He is only one the biggest product leakers of apple store. And tweeted a message on 28th of july 2016:

But still there is no official statement from apple! Apple never gave any statement about the release of their new and advanced product!

For More Updates visit apple site: apple.com

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