JOVAGO.NET Holds Media Meet Up In Islamabad

Islamabad, 28th July 2016: Jovago.net , an Online Hotel Booking website in its aim to strengthen tourism and to create awareness to book hotels online holds a media meet up in Islamabad. The purpose of this media meet up is to provide information and to raise public awareness about Jovago, enhance relationship with media and bloggers community and provide tourists with a fast, reliable and easy to use service to book the perfect accommodation for their outings and vacations around the country.

Jovago’s senior management and team met with the key media representatives to talk about Jovago’s one year journey in Pakistan, future plans, strategies and policies to promote tourism in Pakistan. Talking about this event, Managing Director of Jovago Nadine Malik said “In Pakistan most traveling plans are made last minute. Jovago.net is first hotel booking website, allowing people from all over the world to book hotels online and at best available prices. This event is intended to serve as a platform to increase networking amongst bloggers by sharing tips and insights about Jovago and to educate travelers about the online booking system that could add to their convenience and will serve the purpose gracefully.”

With many bookings from in and out of the country, Jovago is proving successful in the promotion of tourism. The event was very successful with many prominent print and online media in attendance.

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