XIAOMI To Start It’s Sales Soon In Pakistan

After all the news that were reported against the sales of xiaomi phones in Pakistan here’s a positive vibe from there site once again. Recent reports have stated that the xiaomi.pk claims that they will soon be selling up their phones in Pakistan.

Early before the PTA had stopped the xiaomi phones from being sold in Pakistan because they didn’t get any sort of approval from the mandatory sites.

However, this case was present as if the phones have permanently got a ban from the PTA.

Xiaomi, through partners, is in process of getting regulatory approvals to sell phones in Pakistan

While having a few words with netmag.pk, xiaomi phones claimed that they have developed and maintained quite good relations with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Kaylene Hong, Communication Manager, Xiaomi Inc. is reported to have said that With PTA’s support, we will soon be able to sell Xiaomi Smartphones in Pakistan through partners.

Xiaomi spokesperson said that no certain type of block or restriction was applied on the phone sales how ever they claimed a certain process and affiliation that the firm didn’t knew.

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