Oye!! Kuch Kar Guzar

Oye ! kuch kar Guzar In pursuance of its commitment to empower youth, Pakistan’s first and only youth centric telecom brand djuice is bring in the first Pakistani online film, in collaboration with YouTube. The film will inspire and actuate Pakistani youth into discovering their true potential and self-reliance in order to work their way towards realizing their dreams.

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“It is the first time that a Pakistani brand has created this sort of digital content for youth to inspire and motivate them into facing their true selves. This relatively newer genre will enable viewers to direct the story according their whims. We believe that internet has a massive potential to serve a digital entertainment resources. Djuice has set the precedent and will continue to create special online content in the future.”Bilal Kazmi, Chief Marketing Officer djuice

The film is a distinct genre to allow the viewer to steer the story flow according to their own taste and preference. The film is split into mini episodes and at the end each viewer can navigate the story is their chosen direction, besides being able to skip ahead or see related videos throughout.

Djuice has opened new horizons with the launch of this movie. The launch event was held in the city of Karachi, where all the cast and other stars came together for the historic moment. The screening went on and all what was heard where hoots, whoots and applause. Haris Raseed the director of the film had added in some super puns and turns.

Advices by the angel did leave a lot of the audience laughing out loud… The options were picked as per the audience choice and well we all saw the right twists going on..


The event was organized by Feriha Altaf’s Catwalk events, while OMD Global was the digital lead bits of humor and creativity was steered in by Mangobazz. The teams of all the major digital strategists tht made the film a success had put in super efforts. Each trend or each graphic witnessed were perfectly executed.. In general all the teams did a brilliant job, on ground and on digital media…

So, why wait?

Chal Jaa Kuch Kar Guzar, take the plunge and make the change.. subscribe to the djuice YouTube channel and take the control.The online movie culture has just began, let’s just keep it all in focus and keep moving forward, to a more digitalized Pakistan.


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