Digital Driving License system will now expedite Sindh Residential

In an inauguration event held at Driving License Office Clifton Branch, Karachi; IG Sindh Allah-Dino Khawaja has formally lead initiation of new computerized driving license system. Linkage of this system has been created to National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). This installation has brought new era of evolution for use of technology in Pakistan.

The new system will provide extreme support and will facilitate the locals of Sindh in many ways. A charming fact about this system is that it will issue new licenses in just 40 minutes, while old licenses will be renewed in almost 15 minutes.

It must be noted that this modernized digital driving license system for Sindh Citizens will be acceptable globally.

   Further they have also introduced a smartphone app “Driving License Sindh”, which will be facilitating people by giving information about the licenses, being resourceful in terms of time and energy saving which was earlier wasted waiting in long queues for your turn.

The process to customize app for personal experience is quite simpler. Just enter your national identity card or driving license number. If your license is valid, the app will show you details like the name of the license holder, type of license, dates of issue and expiry, etc. But if isn’t authentic, you won’t see any details on the screen. However, if your license is original and you still don’t see any details, you should visit the nearest traffic police office as soon as possible.

Police officials were eager beaver to tell people that they will be able to access information pertaining to their driving licenses via a mobile app. They went to say that license applicants will be kept informed throughout the process via texts (SMS).

Here comes the conclusion, when the police system is made efficient and police officials are made answerable to public representatives, only then we will be able to verify driving licenses and register cars through an SMS or such other means. And that will indeed save us from the everyday headache people like my friend have to face every day.

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