Astonishing New Prices of Huawei Sweeps the Market

Huawei has swept the market with its startling new prices for the new year– Huawei recently unveiled the new price updates of a few of its hot-selling devices for 2017, which has the tech-lovers going crazy! To the consumer’s great delight, as a New Year treat, Huawei has decreased the prices for some of its best-selling smartphones in the market.

A few incredible models of Huawei: P8 Lite, P9 Lite, Honor 5X, Y5 II 3G, and the Y6 II LTE have undergone a major change in their prices, with the primary intention of benefiting and treating the loyal consumers. The P8 Lite now stands at Rs. 21,000/-, which was Rs. 22,000/- earlier. The P9 Lite is now Rs. 25,900/-, significantly decreasing from Rs. 28,500/-. The Honor 5X has decreased to Rs. 23,000/- instead of Rs. 25,000/-. The Y5 II 3G is now at Rs.12,800/- instead of Rs. 13,500/-, whereas the Y6 II LTE is down to Rs. 19,299/- instead of Rs. 19,900/-.

“Huawei firmly believes in staying up-to-date in this technologically advanced world and therefore, we go out of the way to be the most avant-garde smartphone company. Huawei believes in treating its loyal customers who have helped us become one of the top smartphone brands in the world and therefore, as a token of appreciation for the new year we have decreased the prices of some of our highly sought after models”. – Marketing Manager, Huawei.

As its New Year’s Resolution for 2017, Huawei manages to put forward yet another great deal for its customers. Go to buy a new year gift at the nearest store without hesitation or you will be left holding the sack.

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