Islamabad High Court has ceased Valentine Celebrations and its coverage on Media

Islamabad High Court has given the order to terminate celebrations of Valentine day at the state level, public places and coverage of such events on media. Further Islamabad Administrative Authorities are given orders in this regard that they should stop such event celebrations at public places. This interim order was being issued by Justice High Court Islamabad Shaukat Azeez Siddiqui on an application of a citizen named Abdul Waheed.

The Islamabad High Court said in its order of ministry officials and the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to prevent the media from covering such programs. Shahzad Malik told reporters, according to legal experts in Pakistan to stop to celebrate Valentine’s Day before an unprecedented court order.

The applicant made the stance that since Pakistan was founded in the name of Islam, and it is against Islamic traditions to celebrate such festival in the country.

Earlier a protest in Karachi was also being held on Sunday against celebrations of Valentine’s Day. The applicant further argued that the injury scale feelings of Muslims celebrate this festival for the court to have the authority to stop any actions which are likely to cause offense to religious feelings.

He added that through the application of so-called festival program was also set in public places to celebrate. He said that this festival is decorated to celebrate not only the shops in the markets but have been too many cards and flowers of Valentine’s Day there.

Federal Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in this application, PEMRA, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and Islamabad administration has made the party.

The court has sought a response within ten days from the request made parties.

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