Banks Today app by Click9 comes with latest updates from Pakistan’s Banking Sector

As there are many banking sectors in Pakistan people now need a full update on all the companies to keep a check and balance of their favourite ones. Apart from visiting their websites every day there must be a platform to provide information about each bank separately but on a single platform. So the problem is solved because My click9 has launched an app called Banks Today to solve all our problems.

The basic concept behind Banks Today App is to provide people with all the updates and information related to the banking sector of Pakistan. All the discount offers on any bank’s debit or credit card, job vacancies, breakthroughs or achievements and updates in Pakistan’s banking industry. Banks Today is the one-stop location to get all the latest news and updates.

Not only that, it has separate options for each category. You can select yourself what category you want the news on. Options include All Banks News, Banks, Jobs in Banks, ATM and branch locator, bookmarks and settings. Not only that you can also find the nearest branch of your desired bank from your location and can also locate the nearest ATM machine. Also, this app provides separate news and information on each local bank.

According to the makers of this app, the main objective behind establishing an app where all updates from Pakistan’s banking industry are handy is the fact that Banks Today is aiming for the progression and development of the financial sector of Pakistan and planning to make it stronger with every passing day. Not only that, another reason is to get the information and updates from professionals and experts who are associated with banking industry of Pakistan. This can bring the positive change in the financial sector of Pakistan. People from different fields as well as from banks can get benefited with the information shared on Banks Today.

So if you’re willing to stay updated on the news of different yet all the banks then it is time for you to download the app and start benefiting yourself!

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