Pakistan’s first Business Reality show, 'Idea Croron ka' will be on air on March 17, 2017, at 7 pm. The Neo TV Network is starting this show.

Business Reality Show ‘Idea Croron Ka’ to promote Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

Pakistan’s first Business Reality show, ‘Idea Croron ka’ will be on air on March 17, 2017, at 7 pm. The Neo TV Network is starting this show. The first episode will feature the auditions from all over the country. The auditions weren’t only limited to big cities such as Lahore, Karachi, Gilgit, Baltistan, Chiniot, Sahiwal and Sargodha.  Over hundred people participated in the auditions and only selected few of them were qualified to the next round. People need to keep following the show to find out who made it to the upcoming rounds.

About the show

The final showdown of ‘Idea Croron Ka’ will begin after the first episode, on March 18, 2017. This will be the real start of the show. The startups who will qualify for the next round will now come up in front of the investors to impress them with their ideas. The audience will witness if the amateurs were convincing enough to make the investors invest in their ideas. But this will not be easy. The giant tycoons sitting over there will not be easy to impress. Startups will have to be passionate enough to make investors think about investing their money in their ideas.

Inspiration for people

The show is not only for a business talent hunt, it will also inspire millions of people. Every episode will feature a small scale business that will inspire the audience from his/her success story. People can find inspiration from how they withstood the hardships and crossed the hurdles in their lives. Not only the small scale businessmen will be on the show to inspire, some successful entrepreneurs will attend the show to share their success story. Their impact on the economy of Pakistan will be an inspiring story to listen to.

The anchor, lead and the content producer of the show, Nabeel A Qadeer encouraged everyone to watch the show. He said, “let’s all come together to show our support to this one of its kind Business Reality show that promotes hope and positivity and encourages people to become job creators rather than job seekers. It is going to be a long journey ahead and we all need to play our part in the betterment of Pakistan’s economy.”

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