SimSim Wallet Pakistan - Making financial transactions easier!

SimSim Wallet Pakistan – Making financial transactions easier!

Making payments and money transactions can be a rather tiring process. You need to go to the bank especially just to transfer money to your loved ones or pay an employee. This can result in a wastage of time. The internet over the past couple of years has provided solutions for many problems, whether it is in the field of communication, transport, or even entertainment. And now the internet, or specifically, an app has come up with a solution for all you banking problems and will aid you in all your banking transactions, and is known as SimSim Wallet.

This simple, yet extremely useful app is called ‘SIMSIM’. Just go to the play store, download the app, sign up, and start making payments. Never thought it would be this simple, did you? You have complete access to your branchless Banking Wallet and make real-time payments through multiple payment methods. Payments like direct p2p payments, QR based payments, card-based payments, and much more are included in these transactions.

To learn more about the use of the app watch this video:

So, what exactly does SIMSIM wallet allow you to do, and to how much of an extent does this help the users in their daily lives? With SIMSIM, not only making payments online through QR codes possible, but you can also view your wallet and account balances, view your recent transactions, manage all your funds, send money to not only other SIMSIM accounts, but also FINCA accounts, and other banks, VIA IBFT. With an SIMSIM account, you’ll never have to get up from the couch again, just to pay those utility bills, because SIMSIM wallet has you covered!

You can download this app from these links:

SIMSIM Google Play:

SIMSIM App Store:

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