After closing its $26.2 billion acquisition in December LinkedIn is now a part of Microsoft. Through a blog post-LinkedIn announced that now it has passed

LinkedIn passed 500 million registered users – Overview of Journey

After closing its $26.2 billion acquisition in December LinkedIn is now a part of Microsoft. Through a blog post,  today,  LinkedIn announced that now it has passed 500 million registered users in 2 hundred countries on its platform. So it underscored its growth. This is a new milestone for the company, as last year in October its members were 467 million.

This work out to 250 MAUS on Mobile doesn’t break out desktop figures analytics firm Apptopia says so.

LinkedIn is rolling out one more small update to expand the links between users and increase of engagement. You will see more information in the coming weeks,  about the people in the network in the “MyNetwork ” tab.

LinkedIn is now going to feed you stats about people you know on the site to get people to visit that tab a little more often. It is reported that this will include lists of the most connected people in your network,  the most mutual connections and interactions with you and who was your first connection and other such information.

It’s a temporary feature to commemorate the 500 million member mark, for starters. LinkedIn runs ads in MyNetwork areas. So getting more traffic is beneficial here.

LinkedIn revamps the overall site while revealing more details in more places about your profile. Updated terms of service will see LinkedIn sharing your profile information with more third parties and in more places.  Updates will be sent from a company in the start of this month.

A new targeting feature called Matched Audiences is also launched today. This update will emerge advertiser’s first party data with LinkedIn’s network data which will target specific key accounts, prospects, and others.

A completely new desktop site is no faster nor new,  newsfeed with trending business news; and expansions of its paid services are also included in the last few months.

Current 500 million mark and jumping users in quantity of 33 million in the time period of six months is no faster anyslower as compared to LinkedIn’s previous growth. The company reported (in April 2016 ) that 433 million members,  equating to 34 million users

Added in a six month period.

About what is on the site and who is using the site; company has today broke out some such stats too.

To discover new people privately, a jobs marketplace,  and videos and for learning purposes there are groups on like Facebook. LinkedIn has 10 million jobs listed with more than nine million company profiles and over one lac business articles published each week.

Some of the geographical data pointing to where the site is used today is also a surprising feature. If London is most connected city, UAE is the most connected country,  outside of LinkedIn’s home market of the United States which doesn’t make the top five countries, whole San Francisco ranks as the third-largest which is most connected.

The most connected job function and industry on LinkedIn are HR and staffing / recruiting. Recruitment is still the mainstay of the platform at the end of the day.

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