PEMRA has devised some restrictions during Ramadan Transmissions

PEMRA has devised some restrictions during Ramadan Transmissions

PEMRA welcomes Holy Ramadan in its own style. PEMRA announced some restrictions for the transmissions on electronic media in the honor of holy Ramadan.

A couple of years ago,  during Ramadan,  transmissions regarding religious topics and for the introduction of Islam in true meanings was an ordinary and no doubt an appreciatable thing. But now the honour of Ramadan is becoming regardless and there is not any difference e in the ordinary transmissions and those which are done in the holy month.

PEMRA announced that transmissions during Ramadan should be worth doing for brotherhood, peace, Islamic traditions etc,  instead of the purpose of increasing rating of programs in a mean or restricted way.

In fact, a number of television channels have prepared programs to launch in Ramadan and several channels are on the way to preparation. But every television channel must remember the restrictions /directives coming from PEMRA.

Television channels must remember while preparing for Ramadan transmissions that in these programs ethical lessons are given in a polite way. And programs are not including dance, music, exercises,  smoking, vulgar and unethical conversations etc.

Show of the social, economic,  racial or religious discrimination is also restricted. Dresses,  commercials, attitudes should not spoil Islamic mentality. Kids having no guardians should not be given to the people having any kids, in Ramadan programs. Programs regarding recession and entertainment will be transmitted after 9 pm.

All the T.V channels are directed to obey electronic media ethics/morality 2015, enforced by Supreme Court of Pakistan so that a healthy and appreciatable society is achieved.

Under the Article 19 of Constitution of Pakistan, Everyone has freedom of expression following the freedom of media, but affront of laws enforced,  Islamic traditions,  the government of Pakistan and other such things are not permitted. One can express whatever he want,  for the welfare of Islamic and Pakistani society, but any kind of destructive content is not allowed.

Editorial control is also said to be strengthened to control over the transmissions of any kind of objectionable content.

All television and satellite channels should have to react immediately upon the objections received from the viewers, so that holiness of Ramadan is not targeted. While the public is expected to prove their sense of responsibility by informing PEMRA if they have any objection for any broadcast. You may see full Directives on Ramazan pdf.format here.

Following are the addresses to submit your complaints regarding electronic media:

 0800-73672 – PEMRA toll-free number.

@reportpemra – PEMRA Facebook /Twitter account

[email protected] – PEMRA email address.

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