“Google CEO Cancels meeting on gender diversity as the issue went viral” is locked Google CEO Cancels meeting on gender diversity as the issue went viral

Google CEO cancels meeting on gender diversity as the issue went viral

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO just canceled a meeting where he was supposed to speak on the gender diversity matter for which recently the tech giant has been under a lot of inspection. The CEO had to perform this as a result because of the security concerns raised by the employees, just minutes prior to the assigned time.

He was going to hold a highly predictable meeting this Thursday (by the US local time) to speak about the issue of gender diversity memo which turns out to be the reason a stir at the company’s workplace recently. The CEO, on the other hand, canceled the meeting just 45 minutes before it was going to start.

The CEO claimed that the employees had spoken concerns about their security as they bothered about being ‘outed’ if they openly raised questions in the meeting hall.

“Apologies for the late notice but we are going to cancel today’s Town Hall,” Pichai stated in an email. He added that the projected meeting would be carried out at some later point, in a special format. “In credit of Googlers’ concerns, we want to step back and make a better set of conditions for us to have the dialogue,” he went on.

Sundar Pichai fired James Damore, a Google software engineer after his gender-diversity memo set out viral. Damore argued about some biological dissimilarity between men and women which, according to him, clear the gender gap in the tech roles. Sundar Pichai later fired the engineer stating that his demo was an obvious violent behavior to the company’s code of manner.

Recently, Google has been going through a hard time keeping up with gender diversity. Lately, it was also brought onward that the Google might even get sued by female employees for gender inequity.


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