Apple patent points to a pencil that writes on flat surfaces, including air

Apple patent points to a pencil that writes on flat surfaces, including air

Apple is always known for its innovative ideas and the tech giant has earned a good position as a trend setter. Keeping the tradition alive, recently Apple has registered a patent for a smart pencil of a sort, which would let content creation in three dimensions as well as air.

A new patent titled “Content creation using Electronic Input Device on Non- Electronic devices,” has registered by Apple. It would be a kind of electric pencil or stylus, with ability of writing in three dimensions. The data created by this patent stylus can be sent to different devices wirelessly.

The interesting fact about the pencil is that it can be used on any flat surface. It would allow you to draw 3D objects whose digital footprints can be forward to any electronic device.

So, after this move we have to admire the innovation level of Apple. According to Apple Insider the credits goes to 3 Apple engineers who are behind this recently registered patent.

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There can be some useful applications of the patented stylus in the industry. For instant, it can assist in creating 3D object models on the computer via “Radiofrequency or acoustic signals” which travel towards sensors.

A media company named Techtastic was the first one who spotted this patent.After that, Engadget reported that the official document was filed last year and was made public this year in January.

However, the new patented Pencil looks like the upgraded version of Apple Pencil; the innovative and latest device is competent to connecting with iPad, iPhone, Apple watch and iPod too.

On the other hand, to answer when this will see the light of the day, so far we are still not sure and like many other earlier patents, chances could be that it remains paperwork and idea only.

On Interesting note, Apple is looking at a stylus or an electronic pen yet Steve Jobs, Apple’s late CEO supposed that human fingers were the best stylus one can request for and there was no need to make one.

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