Men fashion trends to dominate 2018

Men fashion trends to dominate 2018

Men fashion trends to dominate 2018. Just like women’s fashion, men’s fashion also carries on changing, but many men do not go overboard with trends & stick to their comfort while dressing. Now, they don’t have to worry as 2018 brings a host of trends in men’s clothing that will be matching up to their body type.

Founder of the brand Steele, Surya Suri, lists some trends:

1# Loose-fitted outfits

Big luxury brands are getting back to the 80s style from pastel colors to the boxy outfits & light washed pieces of denim & frayed hems. However, it does not mean you have to add each and every trend and fashion to your wardrobe. Men can pick them with a trendy outfit and could blend them with their existing collection to create a fresh look in 2018. Sportswear can be worn with loose trousers or long blazer. Just swipe through your family photo album to get the inspiration.

2# Semi-formal wear

The shades of lavender, pink & green are new trends this year. These soft colors are the right options which you can wear on any event from a nice evening date to work including shirts, blazers, trousers, & t-shirts. There are many options for exploring,  pick the accessories like a nice watch & semi-formal pair of shoes to complement the entire appeal.

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3# Waistcoat

Considered as the most elegant casual separates that have been worn for ethnic occasions, “Bandi” a waistcoat can be worn alongside a plain, patterned or embroidered sherwani. One can also pair it with matching or colorful churidar pants & jootis.

4# One colour outfit

The monochrome or one color was a huge trend last year and it would continue to be seen this year too. It has become a trend that several designers & other premier brands have incorporated in their collections. Men can try wearing monochrome outfit with different colored shoes to make heads turn!

Director of the brand Fabriclore, Sandeep Sharma, also has some of the coolest trends to share with you:

5# Fusion fever

An Indo-Western Outfit is a thing that can never go out of style. Be it weddings or some festive occasion, in case you want to take your outfit notch higher, then customization is the key! this year is going to be all about the bespoke fashion trends.

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