Apple brings live news feature to its TV app

Apple brings live news feature to its TV app

Apple brings live news feature to its TV app. The tech giant Apple which is always known for its innovative ideas and pioneering moves in digital era. Following the tradition, recently a new addition has been done to its TV app for iOS and tvOS which is “live news,” the platform featuring its hockey puck-shaped streaming box.

At present, the feature supports a series of US-centric news organizations as well as CBS News, CNN, Fox News, Cheddar, CNBC and Bloomberg.

All you need to do is just swipe across to ‘Watch Now’ then you’ll get the News carousel partway down the page. On the other hand, if you want watch a channel, you’ll have to download the network-specific app first; Apple’s TV app employs single sign-in to run your various subscriptions and cable-linked access.

Last September, Apple announced this live news at the launch of its Apple TV 4K box. The feature was revealed alongside live sports and three months later it was eventually rolled out to US customers as part of an update.

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Then together, they make the TV app and with extension, tvOS feel smarter and more cooperative. It is important to mention here that the Apple TV has few other advantages as automatic 4K movie upgrades are superior over its 4K and HDR-streaming rivals.

Now, with latest live news channels on Apple TV app it’ll slight easier for people to find whatever and whenever. Due to the factor as households weigh up which boxes to get and keep hooked up to their TV.

The new addition to Apple products is quite awakening and inventive as nowadays Apple is facing many issues regarding its battery and hardware system as the batteries of aged and older models of iPhone are being slow down deliberately by tech giant.

Although Apple somehow tried to pay back in this regard, by offering new battery as an alternative to defective one. However, the tech giant is still facing many suit laws in US and other countries.

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