Alert: PIA’s official website may be using your computer for mining Cryptocurrency

Alert: PIA’s official website may be using your computer for mining Cryptocurrency

Alert: PIA’s official website may be using your computer for mining Cryptocurrency. It seems that Pakistan’s National Airline is also getting high on crypto fever as recently the company’s online ticket booking website was caught running Cryptocurrency mining scripts.

It is to inform you that recently a new web portal for booking tickets online was launched by PIA. According to news source propakistani, PIA’s new website has been hosting a Cryptocurrency mining script on its servers, which are ultimately skilled of mining crypto-coins using computers of the users who are visiting the website.

What is the process of Cryptocurrency Mining?

In order to get cryptocurrencies you need to go through a process named mining. In simple words this procedure involves solving some complex calculations to put in new coin transactions to a public ledger. The process is really time taking and resource demanding. As a result, all those people who commit their hardware for crypto mining they get rewarded in the form of new coins.

Is it Cryptocurrency Mining harmful?

Apart from the fact, it won’t damage your computer in the usual ways like a traditional virus would, however it will control your PC’s resources and capable of significantly slowing it down throughout the mining process.

On the other hand, it is absolutely unethical to use someone’s hardware for secret mining without their permission. Without your explicit permission no one is allowed to use your computer’s resources to mine Cryptocurrency. It is totally against the privacy of users.

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According to propakistani,

“It seems that PIA has recently launched this new site. It’s based on WordPress and whenever someone uses WordPress, it opens a can of worms.”

However, it seems that PIA’s new site is getting misused by some hackers   and chances are there that it can be a hack or a greedy employee is playing it all.

Regardless, a company of such a stature should keep an eye on its web portal. Recently, more and more websites have been caught trying to run mining scripts on unsuspecting users.

How to test whether your computer is also a victim of crypto mining?

Whenever you feel or suspect that your computer is acting somewhat slow, in this situation you can check by yourself  all you need to do is “run your browser’s task manager (SHIFT + ESC in chrome) to check if a particular tab is using a lot of resources”.

In addition, you can also apply ad-blockers to discover if a mining script is running in a tab or make use of the No Coin extension for Chrome/Firefox.

You can also share your vies in comment section and let us know about any other way to test the Cryptocurrency mining at one’s device.

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