A new option being tested to allow users download all the data from WhatsApp

A new option being tested to allow users download all the data from WhatsApp

A new option is being tested by WhatsApp to enable its users to download all their wanted data from the very platform.

Currently, WhatsApp is working on this new option as part of its app. So it will not be far away when users of WhatsApp would be allowed to download all their data from the service.

WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware & cross-platform instant messaging & Voice over IP service. The app allows the sending of text messages alongside enjoying voice calls, and video calls, images and so many other media, documents, & user location.

WhatsApp has started to test the option as a part of version 2.18.50.

Version 2.18.50 is the latest beta release for Android. This very option is quite similar to the functionality of Facebook, where users are able to download all the data Facebook has in store for them.


According to a report we received from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp’s this under process option belongs to the “General Data Protection Regulation” (DSGVO), which does affect all the companies that own Facebook.

For the uninitiated, this very regulation is a part of an on-going effort for the sake of ensuring that the data and the integrity of the data have been maintained by the companies.

As per a detailed opinion of Microsoft, this very regulation is in a world where data for the competitiveness of a business or service could become more important.

WhatsApp’s publication does also clarify that this regulation would enter into force on 25th of May this year. Probably, this means that Facebook would activate the feature beforehand.

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In case the users want to download the data, they must click on “Request report”. It can take up to 20 days. While the company deletes the report from its servers within the duration of 30 days. Then, WhatsApp sends a notification to the user, when the report is finished.

 After downloading is complete, the report would get deleted. In addition to this latest option, the platform has also added a transparent gray background for the stickers as well as a timestamp.

WhatsApp is the secure way of making audio video conversations worldwide. That’s why users of WhatsApp are increasing day by day. When the new feature is officially available for all the users, the strength of its users is anticipated to grow more and more.

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