Facebook New Tool to help Pakistanis find Blood Donors with ease

Facebook New Tool to help Pakistanis find Blood Donors with ease

Facebook New Tool to help Pakistanis find Blood Donors with ease. In a bid to overcome the issue of un availability of safe blood, Facebook has launched a new feature in Pakistan so that people in Pakistan could find blood donors easily.

With the feature introduced yesterday,  people after getting signed up, can enlist themselves as blood donors. The feature will also help the donors connect with people and organizations in need.

While using this feature, people will not have to bother about the replacement of the blood in the blood banks, as families of patients bother about finding some person to replace the blood taken from the blood bank with his blood.

As Facebook bears thousands of posts each month in Pakistan seeking blood donors on Facebook, and more than 100,000 people in blood donation groups, the introduction of this feature becomes inevitable for the platform.

Facebook worked with nonprofit organizations, health industry experts, potential donors & people who have used the social media platform to find blood donors for ensuring that this feature was designed to be useful for the people.

Recently, Facebook launched a similar tool in India & Bangladesh, where nearly 7 million people signed up to be blood donors on Facebook.

The tool is available both in Urdu and English.

So, from now on people using Facebook in Pakistan will be able to sign up to be blood donors either on their profiles or by visiting the feature’s link.

All the information regarding the donor and receiver will remain private and set to “Only Me” by default, but people can choose to share their donor status even more widely.

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With this feature, it will be easier for the organisations ( like blood banks and hospitals)  and people, to connect with blood donors.

When people on Facebook are seeking donations, they’ll be able to create special posts to spread the word or go to, facebook.com/findblooddonors

Facebook will notify automatically  blood donors who may be nearby to help the people.

Then, donors can review the request and, in case they wish to respond, contact the requester directly through only a phone call.

The requester would not be able to see any information about the donor unless the donor explicitly provides it when replying.

People will be able to create an event on Facebook, when organizations will host a blood camp event in Pakistan. And nearby blood donors will be automatically notified about the event. Donors will be able to review the event and indicate if they are going or interested.

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