Evan Blass: Google to launch Android P's developer preview in mid of this month

Evan Blass: Google to launch Android P’s developer preview in mid of this month

Evan Blass Google to launch Android P’s developer preview in mid of this month. The next mobile platform of Google is expected to get into the spotlight very very soon. According to Evan Blass ( who is a well known source of tech leaks ), has a few days ago tweeted that Mountain View is targeting a mid-month release for its Android P’s very first developer preview.

At the time of this writing we do not have any idea about the “P”, as none of the sources has stated that “P” stands for what, but since March 14th is Pi Day, some people do speculate that Android’s upcoming flavor is “Pie.” Well, if you have any idea about this confusing “P”, we welcome you to come to the comments session below and let us know the strategy or the fact of this letter.

Well, it us time to proceed with the other information worth sharing with you, and i will prefer go back to the previous reports. According to reports published previously, Android P will have the power to prevent idle applications from being able to access your camera and mic as well. The previous reports also do suggest that  the very added security measure can be able to protect you against malware that is able to record background noise or can also take images without getting your consent.

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As per the reports from different reliable sources, the Android P will also be supporting notches. Take it into your notice that notches these days are cropping up on more and more Android phones ever since the iPhone X came out, alongside the multiple screens.

Another thing to be mentioned is that the Android P, however, apparently would not have a dark mode like we had been expecting following the earlier rumors. Instead, the Android P will be featured with a toggle that makes it easier for the developers to test a night mode for their application.

No more details are recieved to add up into the story, so we have yet to rely upon this short range of information and we are waiting for the time when P’s first developer preview will come out. As the arrival of P’s first developer preview will be enough to let us know for sure whether those features are are real and what other features it can offer.

So join us to wait for the mid of March when the Android P’s developer preview will be launched right after 6 days from today.

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