These gadgets will make your commute more comfortable

These gadgets will make your commute more comfortable

These gadgets will make your commute more comfortable. Do you suffer daily long traffic jams and a hard journey to get your work place? Probably you also have had to leave your apartment a long time before office time. Here are some  accessories that may help make your commute much more productive, if not enjoyable.

Portable brewing mug

Thanks to advanced technology, the coffee industry is being turned on its ear because different companies have brought battery-powered portable brewing systems. One of these current systems holds 14 ounces of java and is temperature controlled by pushing only one button on the cup. Coffee gets brewed in only three minutes and the mug can also get charged in your car with help of USB.

Handbag and charger

Portable battery packs are all the rage to sustain an all-day charge without taking along a chunky block. Especially for women, purses and handbags are available there coming equipped with a place to store a small charger that will make sure that your phone, tablet or e-reader is charged all the day long.

Screen glasses

A recent report by Kleiner Perkins analyst Mary Meeker, every day  Americans do spend 444 minutes staring at screens.It means, 95 per cent of Americans are at risk for digital eye strain causing dryness, itchiness and fuzzy vision, as per a recent report released by The Vision Council. While in Pakistan the circumstances are worser..

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So to let you prevent further eye strain, commuters who do use their laptop, smartphone, e-readers or tablet in transit, may consider purchasing protective glasses engineered to block out the damaging high-energy, UV and artificial blue light that screens do omit.

These high-tech glasses can also be outfitted with one’s current prescription lens to avoid further eye strain.

Smokeless tobacco accessories

One of the more inconvenient aspects to enjoying the product for smokeless tobacco users, is the unsightly spit cup or bottle that they usually carry around. To end that inconvenience, FLASR (OTCQB: FLASR) has created a pocket-sized spittoon that is designed to allow its users to open and shut it with just one hand, making it easier to use even while driving.

The small size of the FLASR portable tobacco flask lets its users dip unobtrusively in public. It also gets fitted in a cup holder.

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