Want to convert voice into text then get benefit from these 3 best mobile apps

Want to convert voice into text then get benefit from these 3 best mobile apps

Want to convert voice into text then get benefit from these 3 best mobile apps. With the passage of time and advent in technology the size of devices particularly mobile phones has been reduced. However, for some people, the small size of a phone’s keyboard or touch screen can be limiting and hard to use.

Sometimes we have to write long paragraph and due to the small screen and keypad we can’t do that accurately.

If you are facing the same problem and have trouble seeing the small type, a lack of finger handiness or just think better out loud then you might get assistance from a tool that offers you to convert spoken words to written words

 Here we have collected three different and amazing speech-to-text apps that can facilitate you get things done with a lot less harasses.

  1. Dragon Dictation.

The simplest speech-to-text convertor app ever as it has just one button. Whenever you want to operate it simply tap it and start talking.

All you need is to tap that single button and the rest will handle Dragon Dictation. After you finish dictating you will get the text as then text appears, so it might take a little time getting used to.

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However, once you get the pace, you can process lengthy emails and other documents with a high level of precision. The app got 30 different languages or dialects. So, apart from English, you can select one of them according to your choice.

After you finished and got the desired results then you can send it out through email or copy and paste to another application. Moreover, you can also post straight to Facebook and Twitter. Above all the app has an option in which you can save your text to use later on.

Best of all, the app is free of charge for the iPhone and iPad however it does need a network connection to work which is not a big deal.

  1. Evernote for Android

Initially the app Evernote was developed to facilitate you keep track of ideas and inspirations. You always could utilize the app to record audio notes such as your lectures or meetings. However, now it has capability to turn those audio files into text.

Evernote has an edge over Dragon Dictation, as it saves both the audio and the text file together. In order to facilitate you the app’s search ability to find a recorded note.

For all those people who hit lots of ideas at the end of the day but unable to put them into words or incapable to note them on papers, then this app can be a handy tool for recording all your thoughts. Say what’s on your mind, and then sort through the data later on.

The good news is, app is free. However, as Evernote uses Google Android’s text transcription service, you do require being online to use it.

  1. Voice Assistant

 This newly redesigned app has a fast access feature that makes it even easier to post to Twitter, Facebook or email. Switch on your preferred option and Voice Assistant converts your transcriptions to the proper format without additional clicks.

In order to send your transcriptions to other apps such as Google Search, YouTube, Evernoteor Pages you can use the auto copy feature. Moreover, you can also send your transcription direct to a wireless printer.

As, the app uses intelligent speech recognition as a result it learns with every use. The best part is it also has grammar correction and on-screen editing with suggestions in favor of corrections.

The app charges 99 cents and is offered for the iPhone and iPad.

Tell us in comment section what is your favorite among all these?

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