How Artificial Intelligence is dealing with fraud in advertising: here's what you need to know

How Artificial Intelligence is dealing with fraud in advertising: here’s what you need to know

How Artificial Intelligence is dealing with fraud in advertising: here’s what you need to know. No matter what business you are running, in order to grab the customers’ attention you have to seek help from marketing and advertisements. Certainly, it the most important factor in today’s business world. In this digital age, we are clearly seeing online advertising boom.

Now businesses need to gain knowledge of how to allocate their marketing dollars wisely. Sorry to say, there’s a big challenge to meeting that goal right now. We are going through advertising frauds which are riffing in the digital ad space.

Being a business owner, digital manager and entrepreneur, you’ve possibly experienced these issues, through paid Instagram ads that eventually failed to get their projected results, or paid services like Google Adwords that had no conversions.

In order to avoid these outcomes, you have to make sure your ads stand out because you’re costing your dollars on genuine results, not bot traffic.

Let’s take Instagram example, if you paid Instagram to promote your post, and all of a sudden, you start gaining lots of followers who, according to their account information, live in India, Bangladesh or Pakistan and have just four to five pictures each on their personal profiles.

Now you can be wise here and can judge them from the looks of that kind of new traffic, you’d be sensible to question these followers’ legality or validity. While Instagram gains a profit by earning your ad money, you require clicks from people probably to buy your product or your potential buys not “followers” from some distant land with profiles that seems to be fake.

As a business owner, those likes or people won’t benefit you. So, you have to make to make sure you’re on top of your ads, because they’re making big money these days.

In 2015, almost $170 billion was spent on digital advertising, according to the statistic portal Statista.

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Statistic has predicted, this figure could rise to more than $330 billion by 2021.

The cost companies had to pay on fraud advertisement

According to a new report by Forrester Consulting, they surveyed 250 marketers, whose companies spend at least $1 million a month on digital advertising. As a result, 69% of the marketers said that at least 20% of their budgets were being eaten up by fraud on the web.

On the other hand, 20% of their budgets were being wasted on fake traffic and they didn’t get potential customers

What can be done via artificial intelligence to reduce the fraud factor?

Nowadays the part of latest advertising tech utilizes artificial intelligence (AI). In order to provide the personalized experience to potential customers tailored to their wants and needs, advertisers are putting their efforts on AI.

Instead of pushing irrelevant messaging with the help of AI, advertisers can use consumer data to generate customized campaigns that are relevant in engaging manner.

Recently, Jon Gillham, founder and CEO of Adbank, told Crypto Analyst that “Over 50% of online traffic is bots”.

“An unknown percentage of digital advertising dollars are wasted on fraudulent traffic and sites,” Gillham added. He also made online advertising platform which has developed patent-pending blockchain technology for fraud detection.

The point here is, more and more advertising companies are blowing up their results with ad clicks with the help of computer-based bots. They are not focusing and getting real potential consumers. These companies use bot traffic to exaggerate their data and increase prices for customers.

In the same way, lots of websites utilize those bots and drive up their traffic figures to attract potential advertisers to put ads with them.

Now come to the Mobile advertising fraud, it has also turned into usual routine. Many companies had experienced a certain level of it.

So, now with advent in AI-powered technology companies are focusing in on advertising fraud. Even though, some studies forecast that that fraud may become less out of control in coming years.

Many companies experienced less fraud in advertisement in recent years in caparison to the previous years. These results are possibly due to the greater than before awareness about deceptive advertising acts. Moreover, there are more efforts by companies to address the bot traffic, using AI and other technological advancements.

With increased information, companies will know where and how their advertising dollars are being spent and be more likely to attain the results they want.

We all are aware with the fact that digital advertising is a constantly changing game. As a result, organizations are also struggling to act in response effectively. So, many companies are planning to raise their investments in advertising technology in order to adapt to the many changes happening.


So, if you’re also getting benefit from digital adverting, I strongly recommend you that you need to focus on solutions that are more result-driven and customer-centric instead of getting bot traffic. you don’t need just likes of followers but you have to gain potential customers in order to convert them into target customers.

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