Securitas acquires TC75 to boost security guard efficiency with rugged smartphones

Securitas acquires TC75 to boost security guard efficiency with rugged smartphones

Securitas has teamed up with Zebra Technologies to deploy TC75 to boost security guard efficiency with rugged smartphones. So, with the live going 4G-powered Emergency services Network abbreviated as ESN, police forces, fire brigades and ambulance crews will be able to have access to richer applications. These richer applications will be accessible while the users retain the same reliability of the existing ‘Airwave’ system.

The public sector safety is not the only target of the adoption of the more powerful mobile devices, and security has started to deploy Android-powered mobile computers to its security staff. This deployment of Android powered  mobile computers to security staff is aimed at the making of guards more productive alongside the patrols that are more effective than ever before.

Zebra Technologies (a public company based in Lincolnshire, Illinois, USA) manufacturer and seller of marking, tracking and computer printing technologies has given its TC75 to 23 branches of Securitas’s Netherlands division, and since deployment of TC75, there has been a 10 % improvement in alarm response time.

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The TC75 is a rugged mobile computer that have a built-in barcode scanner. When this rugged mobile computer is used in conjunction with specialist software, guards could check in for duty, and they can check instructions to optimise their patrol routes.

At the same time, senior staff are given increased visibility of guards’ locations, while Securitas is able to deliver more detailed reports with dates and it can also deliver scans of any incidents, provided with comments and photos. In case an alarm is raised, then the dispatch centre will send a priority SMS to patrols who will be able to respond depending on their location.

Jeroen van Haastrecht, business development manager at Securitas says that they had been requiring a ruggedized, future-proof enterprise touch computer that is based on the Android operating system able to easily integrate into their Guard Reporting back office system.  He also added, “Our patrol guards have reported they love using them. They are reliable, secure and as easy to use as smartphones, with excellent scanning and processing speeds, as well as a long battery life.”

Securitas now recommends the entire group adopt the TC75 as its Android device of choice and the Belgian division of Securitas is also adopting it.

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