Huawei also makes entry into patent for a foldable phone

Huawei also makes entry into patent for a foldable phone. Recently Huawei made a tremendous entry into market by releasing the P20 and P20 Pro. The first smartphones with not two, but three back cameras! The highly innovative step by the company shows how technologically driven Huawei is, regularly paying attention to innovate and carry out new features to the market.

However, now Huawei is in a bid to mark another innovative move but this time with the introduction of the world’s first “foldable” phone.

Recently a Dutch publication uncovered the patent, which details Huawei’s plan of a foldable smartphone. The shape shows a smartphone with a connecting platform kind of, in the middle that folds up to a complete 90 degree on both sides.

Why people want foldable smartphones?

The demand for a folding phone arose when users started want to have large screens with trouble-free portability. Consumers are demanding large screen paired with easy portability. So, the easiest way of fulfilling this need was to make a foldable phone. Hence, it can be used as a phablet during typical usage and be placed in a pocket after being folded.

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On the other hand, there is no clear sign when this kind of mobile will be available to the public. But, we are seeing a competitive race between the top 3 manufacturers who want to make foldable phones, i.e. Samsung, Apple, and Huawei.

Huawei is becoming the direct competitor of Samsung and Apple as it is the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Huawei’s products range lie between the mid and the high-range smartphone making enough to compete with industry leaders.

Even though Huawei’s patent give the impression like the prospect is near, but the design is just on paper. As, there is no news of a physical prototype has been received yet.

On the other hand, experts forecast a very low stability rate of such foldable displays may prove as a massive obstacle in the path of Huawei.

In other news, Samsung has not set and confirmed anything about the Galaxy X, whose patent was filed at the closing stages of last year. The Galaxy X was also supposed to have a foldable design.

Well, right now there is nothing happening like this. So, we have to wait for that time and have to make do with straight, simple phones till then.

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