How to lose face fat to gain prominent jaw lines and high cheek bones

How to lose face fat to gain prominent jaw lines and high cheek bones

How to lose face fat to gain prominent jaw lines and high cheek bones. I met with my friends only after one year and this meeting hurt me more than ever before in my life; because quite contrary to my expectations all of them spoke out at once on seeing me “and she became fatty just like other married women”. There words were not less than some accident I met with.

However, at that time I didn’t show them what was happening to my heart, but later, a long period gossip I went back to the point that was itching my heart continuously and asked them, “now tell me the reason for calling me fatty?” Because I am much weight conscious and my doctor is happy due to my perfect body stature according my age and height, I can bear you calling me fatty, I told them.

All three friends of mine looked at me from head to toe after hearing my statement, and one of them, whom I trust was not wrong or kidding, said “you are right, you have perfect figure but you mustn’t miss your face that is gaining fat these days and is the early sign of your upcoming fatty stature.  She shot a pic of mine that time and shown me the newer along with the older one. And I got the point she was trying to make me aware of.

That day, after friends were gone, I started searching the ways and remedies to lose facial fat which was about to end my jaw lines and cheek bones. And my search resulted in a variety of facial exercises of which I tried only one and it worked a lot.

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Here the common facial exercises:

  1. Stretch your cheeks, hold for 5 seconds and repeat for 10 times a day.
  2. Push your lower lip upward hold for 10 seconds repeat 10 times.
  3. While sitting or standing, look in the sky for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times so that the fat causing your double chin is burnt.

4.Hold your cheeks inwards your mouth with skin placed in between teeth and lips giving the idea of fish.

  1. Smile as much possible.
  2. Chew bubble gum daily and many other exercises like that.

The only exercise (besides smiling more than before)  that worked for me is given the number 4 in the above statement. Today is my fourth day for doing this exercise and I am feeling really good.

Facial fat is actually the alarming situation for many women ad it takes away the charm of personality and it becomes difficult for women to reach the hairstyle and dopatta setting style that suits them.

With your jaw lines exposed, alongside high cheek bones you look pretty even without any kind of extra time given in beauty parlours and dressing tables.

So don’t forger trying exercises mentioned above to maintain your gorgeous look, even if you have no facial fat. If you have gained it, try it for a week and let us know about your experience below in the comments.

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