Makita releases a rugged coffee maker

Makita releases a rugged coffee maker

Makita releases a rugged coffee maker. Every thing is possible in this world of technology and it is not time to get wondered by the charging hand bags and face unlocking doors. It is time to expect more than ever expectations, dreams and desires.

Do you know Makita? It is a Japanese power tools manufacturer and it often make us wonder with its inventions. This time, Makita comes with a rugged coffee maker.

Yes, Makita’s new rugged coffee maker runs on  battery power, means that no issue if the electric blackout is the issue disturbing your lifestyle, as this coffee maker will let you proceed with this coffee habits according to your set routines.

The coffee maker “CM501DZ” uses the same lithium ion battery and packs as various Makita tools; according to the company the largest 18V BL1860 battery is good for brewing about 640ml, or you can say  5.3 cups.

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This is not the first cordless coffee maker that Makita has released, in fact the first cordless coffee maker had been released by the company a few years ago. Naturally, the company now also sells several of the flavors of coffee pods for the machines.

However, you can use those flavors with regular ground coffee if you want to brew artisanal blends in the middle of nowhere.

According to the Asahi Shimbun, Makita is expecting the new model to be popular with construction workers on building sites. Shimbun also expect it to be popular with its own apartment’s roof.

The Asahi Shimbun is actually one of the five national newspapers in Japan that reports that the coffee maker is out now in Japan for 11,900 yen ($112). Hiwever, battery is not included in this price.

Would you like to have this coffee maker? Of course I love to have it as it will add to my pleasure when gone out for some holiday celebration or when not in mood to go to kitchen while I have the product in my room.

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