Trump Sons attend Damac family wedding in Dubai

Trump Sons attend Damac family wedding in Dubai. Damac Properties founder and chairman Hussain Sajwani’s arranged the marriage party of his daughter Amira Sajwani over the weekend, and among the chief attendees at this marriage ceremony were Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan and two eldest sons of US president Donald Trump, Eric and Donald Jnr.

Previously, the Trumps have attributed the the Damac properties chairman and founder as a “great friend”, also you should be aware that the bride daughter of this “great friend” Amira Sajwani is Chief financial officer of Damac properties.

A series of posting pictures on social media began with the Hussain Sajwani’s picture of himself standing alongside Sheikh Ham Dana nd other royal family members and dignitaries, on Friday.

Must bring it to your mind to add to your knowledge that Sheikh Hamdan is Deputy ruler of Dubai, (United Arab Emirates).

Hussain Sajwani also posted a pictured alongside Eric and Donald Jnr, referring them “dear friends and business partners.”

This series continued with other Sajwani family members and we could see pictures of Trump brothers all the way.

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Lara Trump, Eric’s wife (and TV producer and anchor as well ) also could not help but posting her picture at the wedding on her Instagram account.

On the other side Eric was seen posting his picture when accompanied by Donald Jnr at the Trump International Golf Club in Damac Hills on Thursday. However Eric does not make any mention of attending the Sajwani wedding.

Back in February 2017, Eric and Donald Jnr attended the opening ceremony of the golf club. At this event Eric praised the close ties between Sajwani and the Trump family as well as the Trump Organization.

At the opening event of the Golf club, Eric made this statement

“It’s not every day I have a partner that’s truly a great friend,”,  he also thanked hid friend for his love and friendship.

President Donald Trump made a statement last year in January, saying that he turned down $2 billion to do a deal in Dubai with Damac. This announced deal had been highlighted by Trump as a sign of his commitment to avoid conflict of interests while serving as a president at the White House. Later on the discussion was confirmed by Damac.

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