Google has banned fake ID generator apps from the Play Store

Google has banned fake ID generator apps from the Play Store

Google has banned fake ID generator apps from the Play Store. Finally some constructive steps have been taken for the house of Play Store as Google bans fake ID apps. Recently, the company made the announcement in this regard via an update on its Developer Policy Center.

On the other hand, a quick search of the Play Store shows a ton of offending apps are still live on the platform.

Well, we are not surprised to see that that there are Android apps declaring to help generate fake IDs. No offense, but yes, the Play Store has been save heaven to many dodgy apps. Though, Google has decided to snap down on this particular category.

In an update on its Developer Policy Center, the tech giant clearly calls out apps that declare to help or generate these significant documents.

The updated policy reads,

“We don’t allow apps that help users to mislead others, including, but not limited to, apps that generate or facilitate the generation of ID cards, social security numbers, passports, diplomas, credit cards and driver’s licenses”.

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It is important to mention here that Google removed 700K apps from the Play Store in 2017 for violating its policies.

If Google would be lucky enough to so then we can’t go a few days without news about malicious apps bursting up in the Google Play Store. Well, it seems that it Google is making inroads from getting rid of those kinds of apps.

According to the Google, Prank apps or those claiming to be “for entertainment purposes” aren’t excused from the policy.

It’s great that tech giant is taking some solid steps to ban fake ID apps as it marks the most recent effort by Google to clean up the Play Store.

Let see, whether Google will actively enforce the policy for “fake ID” or “fake ID apps” as still there are a ton of results for fake ID apps at play store.

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