Nintendo is set to let you play games on smartphones

Nintendo is set to let you play games on smartphones

Nintendo is set to let you play games on smartphones. After years of refusal to make smartphone games, Nintendo has finally started to release titles like Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Fire Emblem Heroes.
Mario Kart game by Nintendo got announced earlier this year, and Mario Kart Tour, is on the way to let you play it on smartphones.
Nintendo has also now announced yet another smartphone game that is an action RPG called “Dragalia Lost”.
Dragalia Lost has been jointly developed by Nintendo and Rage of Bahamut studio Cygames, and is described as a new gaming experience with worldwide appeal.
Dragalia Lost will launch first this summer in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, & Macau, before going to North America & Europe.
In addition to all that mentioned above, as part of this deal, Nintendo has purchased 5 percent of Cygames’ outstanding stock.

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If you are wondering about specific financial terms of the deal, it will take some time to quench your thirst because the terms are not disclosed up till the time of this writing.
If you remember, last year in December some reports were claiming Nintendo yo be failed to develop smartphone games fast enough to meet demand. The report also said that the company was trying to partner with new companies to catch up.
The report also claimed that Nintendo had meetings with Puzzle & Dragons developer GungHo about a potential partnership, though at the time there was no any kind of mention of Cygames being in the mix.
A point worth to mention here is that the company is already working with DeNA on mobile games, and it owns a 10 per cent stake in that very studio. While DeNA owns more than 20 perc ent of Cygames, so all the three companies –Nintendo, DeNA, and Cygames– are linked to an extent.

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