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That’s how accessories complete your summer outfit

That’s how accessories complete your summer outfit. A good sense of how to accessorize in summer is the best thing you can have, because your summer pieces are not as much acceptable to the other pieces as we do in winter, and you have to be very careful about your accessories in the hot summer season.

No doubt your layering option have gone down drastically due to the heat of this season and you are most probably in want of some solid inspiration and a good example to get guidance from, throughout the season for your accessorize your basic AF summer outfits.

So, here is a man to whom you might be a big fan, yes he is Shahid Kapoor , let us see his latest airport outfit to get taught by him about outfits in summer.

No doubt, his outfit is extremely simple, as he is wearing a rich navy muscle tee and a basic ripped alongside a faded pair of blue jeans. But you might be thinking that even that he is in that simple dressing, why does he still look like a million bucks?

Your wonder is not wrong, actually these are the accessories that make him look in that way.

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You can see in the picture that how well thought out his accessory game is. The worst thing to be focused upon is “one thing at a time”.

Let us start with his sling bag that is really lovable bag with super broad strap and the sleek, ergonomic design. Additionally it has a bit of red detailing that is providing just the right amount of contrast to this very blue-black affair.

Now come to those edgy AF, geometry inspired sunnies. They should be everyone’s ultimate accessory this summer, irrespective of where the wearer is going.

Look at the blue tint alongside that reflective surface ooze out charisma and those wireless earphones –the perfect accessory that is aesthetically appealing and majorly functional.

You might have also noticed his shoes. High-heeled, zipped-details-enriched black and white pair screams ‘edgy’ & ‘comfortable’ at the same time, hus shoes are definitely must have for every man this summer.

So, Shahid Kapoor’s style had taught us that how the right pair of shoes, a bag, a pair of sunnies, and earphones can completely transform a look as basic as a t-shirt & jeans combo, and we thank him for that guide.

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