Govt Announced budget for Telecom Sector

Govt Announced budget for Telecom Sector

Govt Announced budget for Telecom Sector. The budget of fiscal year 208-19 is out and government has budgeted Rs 6.535 billion for ICT under the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for 2018-19. The budged was anticipated as technology

The allocation is aimed to provide the infrastructure and help for developing and facilitating the tech startups and small business to compete at international level.

In Pakistan during the last five years, we have witnessed the promising growth in ICT sector. On the other side, accelerated pace and adoption of the private sector is playing a major role in it.

However, still there is a lot more has to done in order to cross the leading pack of countries.

So, here is the major budget breakdown for PSDP is as follows:

  • 230 million is allocated for Pak-China Fiber Optic Cable
  • 50 million is allocated for Pakistan Software Export Board for enhancing IT Export
  • 10 million is allocated for replacement of GSM network in Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir
  • 50 million is allocated for GSM exposure and coverage on Karakoram Highway
  • A big amount of Rs. 151. 23 million is assigned for making technology parks in Islamabad
  • 1 billion is allocated for establishment of computer labs under Pakistan Baitul Maal’s Women Empowerment Centers Prime Minister’s ICT Scholarship and Prime Minister’s National ICT Internship Programme
  • 260 billion has been allocated for IT and Telecom Ministry as it comes under the umbrella of Transport & Communication. For this division, it poses a real test how this amount will be divided amongst the sub-heads and divisions.

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Programs for 2018-19

The PSDP allocated total Rs 6,535 million for ICT sector for 2018-19. In which the major thrust in the ICT sector for 2018-19 will consist of:

  • In order to facilitate rapidly growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country, development of Technology Parks will be carry out in two phases.
  • 70 more companies will be provided CMMI consultancy to achieve certification of CMMI level-2, CMMI level-3, CMMI level-S and ISO 27,001/- 20,000 international standards under Ministry of IT’s project named “Enhancing IT Exports through Industry Support Programmes”.
  • In order to generate export business, 15 major international exhibitions will participate.
  • Training of 3,500 professional and 500 executives from IT & ITeS BPO Industry in most up-to-date technologies in demand and business development/ international marketing respectively.
  • There will be placement of 3,000 ICT graduates in public and private sector organizations, under the “Prime Minister’s ICT Internship Programme”.

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