Summer Alert: Nawabshah witnessed the hottest day ever recorded on earth in April

Summer Alert: Nawabshah witnessed the hottest day ever recorded on earth in April

Summer Alert Nawabshah witnessed the hottest day ever recorded on earth in April. As summer approaches, temperature of the country is rises day by day. In the game of these cloudy and hot summers, Nawabshah sees a temperature of 50.2 degrees making it the “hottest temperature ever recorded.”

Don’t brag about the hot condition of your city as, Pakistan may have already seen its hottest day of the year as the temperature in Nawabshah hit 50.2°C on the last day of April.

Shockingly, the temperature was so high that it allegedly set a new global record-breaking temperature for the month of April. On the other hand, Larkana was hit with 49°C of heat.

In this hot weather, people were advised to remain indoors, drink lots of water, and cover their heads with the wet cloth.

Due to this much hot weather, a number of people suffered the wrath of the heat and fainted. The heat victims were taken to Peoples Medical University Hospital and other adjoining medical centers for treatment.

Was it really Hottest Day ever?

Christopher Burt, who is weather expert, stated that Nawabshah may have just seen the hottest day ever recorded. In the past, the record was held by Santa Rosa city of Mexico where the temperature hit 51°C in April 2001.

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However, the accuracy of the temperature recorded in Santa Rosa is “of dubious reliability,” according to Burt.

Another meteorological expert sent out a tweet declaring this was the warmest April temperature ever recorded in Pakistan and for the whole Asian continent.

According to his tweet,

“Nawabshah has broken back-to-back records of seeing the warmest days of the month. Last month, the city recorded 45.5°C temperature, making it the highest ever for the month of March in Pakistan.”

Wee, now if we look look at this American (GFS) model temperature to see how temperatures diverge across the region.  If we look into the graph and follow this trend, then according to this trend Pakistan will witness a lot more warm days as the human activity prolonging to change the climate for the worst.

Well, in case of Pakistan, another major factor that is making the lives of citizens unbearable during the hot days is load-shedding. The summer season just began and a number of areas of the country are facing unannounced power outages as the demand has notably amplified due to hotness.

Government need to take some serious steps immediately as with the projection of more hot days to come and the shortfall of electricity, the news keeps getting worse for the citizens of Pakistan.

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