Be ready to get E-Challans at home address over traffic violation

Be ready to get E-Challans at home address over traffic violation

Be ready to get E-Challans at home address over traffic violation. Beware traffic violators! Have you ever violated any traffic rule? and luckily didn’t catch by the traffic police, if yes, now take a lesson and try to follow every traffic rule. If you are the citizen of Lahore or Islamabad then you will find out an E-Challan at your doorstep over any kind of traffic rules’ violation.

Under the project of the safe city, CCTV cameras have installed in the entire city, now any kind of traffic violators will caught on camera and over this violation E-Challan will send to your home.

If you habitually break the signal or don’t wear seat belt, In such cases, you need to take an immediate action as it’s the right time to get into order and try to overcome your bad habits, otherwise you will surely end by getting an E- Challan at your home.

With the help of The CCTV camera system, the traffic police will capture number plate of the vehicle and the person who has committed the violation then they will deliver the E-Challan to his home.

Well, interestingly E-Challan will consist of the place of violation, type of violation, snap of violation as well as all details of your vehicle.

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Here you can see how the E-Challan looks like:

Approximately 1800 cameras have been installed all around the city for monitoring traffic violations within a span of two years. This means that commuters will now have a hard time escaping after violating the traffic signal.

If you will fail to pay the fine charge, it will result in your vehicle token or plate not being renewed until you pay your fine.

Hopefully, the new system will make sure a safer road environment and keep traffic system in order.

In addition, we are expecting this system will make sure there cannot be any bribery case as it’s hard to tackle any bribe by traffic wardens. So, the new cameras’ system will also help out in this regard

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