A BBC investigation urges YouTube to pull hundreds of videos

A BBC investigation urges YouTube to pull hundreds of videos. Managing the ads has become a challenge for YouTube because it does not feel easy to manage the ads that are inserted automatically alongside those ads that are baked into the videos themselves.

Being an online video giant, YouTube has pulled more than 1,400 videos. The move of deleting these videos is the outcome of a BBC investigation that found that over 250 channels had mid-video ads for EduBirdie. EduBirdie is a Ukraine-based essay cheating service.

YouTube did not delete videos immediately, in fact the giant had given some of these channels until May 4th to get their videos edited of these ads. But when all of the channels could not make it before reaching the deadline, YouTube went on to delete.

Being a YouTube video up loader, you might be thinking if the giant will let its users re-upload videos with edited ads. But still there is no any kind of information to satisfy you in this regard.

However the point to remember is that the promos are not strictly illegal, but they violate ad policies of YouTube.

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It is not surprise,  but worth mentioning here that the affected YouTubers are upset enough as there are some cases that they have lost months’ worth of their video in a heartbeat.

The raged community of video up loaders is complaining that the platform could not do enough to communicate its policies on ads like these, although that argument only hold so much water given that EduBirdie was clearly intended for essay cheating.

Well, YouTube has now promised some changes and the platform will be “working with creators going forward” to let them understand that these ads are not acceptable.

It does still face an uphill battle, though. It is not an easy task to detect baked-in ads like this, as they often vary significantly from video to video ( unlike music, YouTube can not just scan for familiar cues).

Another worth mentioning point is that many video creators do not fully understand policies even when content is potentially illegal and it could be a very long while before unscrupulous advertisements become a rarity.

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