A teaser hints at Heart Rate Sensor on OnePlus 6

A teaser hints at Heart Rate Sensor on OnePlus 6

A teaser hints at Heart Rate Sensor on OnePlus 6. OnePlus has teased an image for its upcoming flagship hinting at a heart rate sensor. If the feature is really coming with the device, it will place the phone in line with the top flagships as this feature has been a mainstay in other flagships for quite some time now.

 OnePlus known for regularly teasing its upcoming flagships before their official reveal, is teasing this time another feature of the OnePlus 6. The teaser hints that the newest flagship killer is coming with a heart rate sensor, though not in clear words.

What has made us foretell the arrival of this feature is presence of a cardiogram in the teased image. This cardiogram makes out a “6” in the middle.

Though this teaser is the first indication toward the feature, most fans are already certain that the OnePlus 6 will feature a heart rate monitor.

Heart rate sensor is a welcome addition to the brand that has been repeatedly dubbed the flagship killer, but it’s not exactly a cutting-edge feature.

At present, many devices, smartphones come with this feature. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S flagships have always had this feature, but the Galaxy S9 took things to the next level by transforming this feature into a blood pressure monitor.

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The inclusion of this feature in the OnePlus 6 will allow the device to stay ahead of its rivals and the device will play on the same field as the leading flagships.

Last time, OnePlus teased a water-resistance feature and rumours say that the OnePlus 6 will at least have an IP65 certification, which should make the device resistant to raindrops.

However, the latest flagships have an IP68 certification, that makes those devices safe to be submerged in water for a certain amount of time.

According to the other teasers, there is  also removal of the alert slider on the left side in favor of the SIM card slot. The upcoming OnePlus 6 will also seem to have gestures alongside a speedy performance.

OnePlus 6 is to be officially revealed on May 16 and the attendees will receive a mystery gift that might be similar to what was given during the launch of OnePlus 5T. The unveiling ceremony will held in London, and the event will also be live streamed.

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