Mark, we won’t be your product any longer, sign a petition

Mark, we won’t be your product any longer, sign a petition. Facebook has indulged so deeply in our lives that we can’t get rid of it except having one option to delete it. There is no doubt that it spies on us about everything we do and everywhere we go on the Internet. Even though it tracks where we move and what we do in the real world as well.

Well, for users it shouldn’t be a surprise because from the start, Mark Zuckerberg said he built Facebook not to keep community connected but to”get access to information about anyone.”

This information is being sold to corporations and bad actors that want to trap us into buying things we don’t want, even to voting in methods we never proposed. That’s business model they follow and eventually make so much money.

Now, when everything got viral and public after the big security breac h regarding Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Zuckerberg claims he wants to ”do more to keep us safe” from inspection and exploitation.


However, we have witnessed that Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram are not living up to this promise.  For the reason they could offer us a”one-click” option to get away the targeting that’s at the mind of their manipulation machine. But, they conceal their privacy controls in a hall of mirrors that makes it nearly impractical to protect our families and communities on these social media apps.

We need to tell Mark Zuckerberg to make it easy for us to protect ourselves from manipulators and scammers.

In this regard, a petition is created. You can also sign it too for protection of your data “Mark, we won’t be your product any longer. Facebook must give us the choice to protect ourselves from ad targeting with one click.”

Facebook has made lots of profit from all the information it collects about you, your family, and your friends.  So, now it’s your turn to make yourself more save at Facebook.

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