Meet the new flagship star The New Samsung Galaxy S9 with amazing new features. Detalied Review

Meet the new flagship star The New Samsung Galaxy S9 with amazing new features. Detalied Review

Meet the new flagship star The New Samsung Galaxy S9. Tired of the boring phones and regretting spending money after making a purchase? There is no way of regretting if you get the right electronic gadget fulfilling your needs with the dramatically attractive features of providing security and privacy. Beyond doubts, for the better experience and desired results spending a bit more money for the classy gadget is not a pain.

And nowadays as technology is progressing rapidly, the existence of a pro cell phone with enhanced features and long-lasting battery with crystal clear results of the camera is not merely a prediction but the reality. And Samsung has been dominating the world by its sleek and stylish looks and unpredictable android features. Every year it launches a blasting new model by maintaining their reputation in a better way.

Let’s talk about the New Samsung Galaxy S9 we gave his name New Flagship Star. We will be discussing the S9 features in detail.



Samsung Galaxy S9 is the new and unique device with popular features in the market. If we look at the style and appearance of the phone then it won’t be the surprise as Samsung is been doing this from the very start. S9 is similar to Samsung S8 in the display but with polished and impressive technology.

Not ditto similarities are present over there but some changes have been done creating a great difference from the S8 series. The major focused thing in any cell phone is its material because it makes something classy and adorable. The ever new step is the usage of Gorilla Glass 5 for the display screen providing you a safer experience in any drop and kick situations.

For the better holdings and comfortable size screen, the glass on both the sides that is back and the front is curved. So, Samsung remained the best again in the competition of android cell phones.  S9 possess a 5.8 inches screen which is certainly not too big as the wider the screen, better the fun.

 Wait! If you’re afraid and annoyed to use your gadget on sunny days then it is very good news as Samsung provided a slightly brighter screen with high resolution and OLED panels with dazzling colors this year. The more interesting thing is that Galaxy S9 has the ability to learn your brightness preferences as it notices the settings you do on the phone.


It also carries better hardware standbys as well as IP68 water resistance with 3.5 mm headphone jack and wireless as well as fast wired charging. So, charging is not the issue anymore. The ever new thing in comparison to S8 is the fingerprint scanner has been changed and moved to the center of the phone right under the camera and relatively larger which is easily accessible.


If we talk about the S9 software Its worked very smooth Samsung has enhanced its software with a fresh look and brand new functionality.

With Samsung Experience 9.0, the Korean tech giant aims to give customers their information much faster. Many of the menus have been changed with navigation in mind. Additionally, Samsung includes extra customization options for both the lock screen and home screen. That’s not all — Android Oreo on the S9 also includes features like Picture-in-Picture Mode and Auto fill API that make using an Android device even easier.

Samsung Keyboard Gets Big Improvements

Oreo is good to the Samsung Keyboard. Usability-wise, the keyboard has obtained four distinct high contrast modes and resizing options. The high contrast modes make it easier for the user to differentiate the various parts of the keyboard. Resizing enhances typing comfort, and swipe to type is made simpler and more accurate.

Also included are native GIF support, Emoji 5.0, and an easily accessible clipboard right in the keyboard.


And the second most amazing feature is that the speaker is no more a single now and upgraded to a stereo pair with clearer and louder than ever in Samsung phones. They are more enjoyable now. Samsung has taken a positive step in the world of edge series.

The critical point is this Samsung has not yet worked on its keyboard and that is so bad. Because it suggests weird words and randomly capitalizes the words and does awful substitutions when you are to make a correction.

Security Features:

The days of securing your phone with just a PIN code or a pattern are long gone, and although the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus both offer those features, they have a selection of other more secure options too. These new security features rely on biometrics — in this case, your fingerprint, iris, or facial features. When you first start up the Galaxy S9, you may rush through these options in the excitement of actually using the phone; but they’re important and should be revisited.


Nowadays, photos are mandatory as memories are something that can be recalled merely by watching photos but with the clear and perfect clicks. And the 12 MP single sensor camera is the reason to buy Samsung Galaxy S9.

Day Time camera Result

The latest upgrade dominating the Samsung is the presence of lower aperture because of which the phone is capable of clicking better pictures in the even low light. The aperture being introduced over here is f/1.5 specified for the great low-shots and f/2.5 for brighter scenes. It is beyond doubts that the clarity and high lights in the daytime photos are flawless.

The mode can be changed due to the presence of the switchable sensor between high and low shot apertures. I must say! Now taking bad photos with your Samsung Galaxy S9 is nothing but a mere struggle. The berry impressive quality is that even after zooming the pictures they were not blurred nor did they leave their details and contrasts.

Meet the new flagship star The New Samsung Galaxy S9 with amazing new features. Detailed Review

S9 Camera Result in low Light

They also provided different styles of shots and they were worth applying and comfortable. If thinking about taking a perfect selfie? Then don’t you worry because the 8MP front camera can also control the low light effectively enables you to capture the moment once and for all?

Super low Light Camera Result

Slow motion feature:

Tired of downloading different applications to make your time a bit slow and enjoyable? The ever new feature of Samsung S9 is the super slow motion camera having the power of capturing 960 frames in a single second turning the instant movements into six seconds long slow-motion clips. You can also your phone into the automatic mode in the presence of bright light but in the lower one not going to work that much effect.


If talking about the battery then it was a bit disappointing thing happened in Galaxy S9 with the same 3000mAH power packs as in the Samsung Galaxy S8. Battery life should be increased as they are heavy phones and frequent users could feel frustrated as well.


It also carries a micro SD card along with the storage of 64 GB which is far enough for a smart android phone.

Other improvements are still in progress as its processor is Qualcomm which is the latest one. It carries 4 GB RAM and LTE modem supporting the fastest gigabit speeds.

AR Emoji:

Samsung seems like giving competition to iPhone X’s animoji as there are AR emoji in Apple series. The crazy feature can make your Bitmoji in 3D looking similar to you merely by scanning some points of your face. Plus it can also make GIFs of your bitmoji showing various reactions. Now it is very excited to use your phone’s smilies and cartoons.

But Samsung tried and failed in doing so as its Bitmoji is a bit weird after the scanning and the GIFs do not work properly. They need to work hard on this Bitmoji’s software in the future.

Hide Albums in Gallery

Thanks to Android Oreo, you can hide photo albums on your Galaxy S9. The stock Gallery app now features the ability to hide albums without limit. Note: this method is not a particularly secure way of protecting your albums from intruders — for that, you’d want to use something like Samsung’s Secure Folder, which is password protected.


Bixby is still not upgraded nor removed and is the bad feature as was launched before in summer. Merely the paint is fresh but a bit faster than before but not good at picking the voice commands and way slower than the Google Assistant.

The calorie detection feature in virtual assistant does not use better countable science and remains a failure to estimate the accurate amount of calories. It would not be a mistake if saying that Bixby is the blunder and not successful in Galaxy S9’s assistant.

Atmos Technology:

Coming towards the call quality then it is dramatically fantastic with controlled and strong signals whether on the WI-FI or on 4G. The bottom speakers are still present over there and the audio supports the format of Dolby Atmos and tuned by AKG.  Atmos technology provides an immersive experience when watching a movie or any video.

Let’s have a look at the negative and positive sides of the cell phone at a glance.

The positive updates are working so damn greatly as it includes fantastic display providing a smooth and enjoyable experience of the screen.  The best thing is the improved version of speakers with a better quality than before. The overall look and available colors feel literally great.

 But watching on the negative side the battery is the major demerit because it’s not long lasting as it should be and more efforts from the company are required. There ought to be the dual sensor in the Samsung Galaxy S9 as it is present in its plus version as well. And some other issues present in its software are really miserable after spending money on this kind of phone. Well, hoping for the betterment in the future.

Is this is water and dust resistance?

Yes, IP68 makes its water and dust resistance ratings a bit better.

How is the overall performance of the Samsung Galaxy S9?

The overall performance of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is better but the disappointment is the new upgrade failed to cross the Samsung Galaxy S8. Besides this, the camera is exceptional in the low light and as the company claimed the new upgrades are going to benefit the users in the future. And plus point is that the new improved material has been used in its construction making it a little stronger than ever with a great finishing look.

So, it must be in your mind whether you should buy it or not?

Then I would say yes, the ever-tempting reason to go for Samsung Galaxy S9 is its camera and it’s worth spending Rs.103,000/-.

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