Honor 9 lite The Real Budget king with four Cameras and full view display

Honor 9 lite The Real Budget king with four Cameras and full view display. In the race of technology where all others are competing with each other for the betterment of their gadgets and upgrading to represent the best they can, mobile phones are at the top of the list as they are the preferable instruments and everyone desire to have a best and classy they could have at an affordable price but having superior features with the ability to fulfill their needs efficiently.

Huawei’s Android phone is doing far better than before and launched new honor series that is Honor 9 Lite. Let’s have a look at its features to have a short view.


Let’s talk about the display first. A display is the first thing to catch your view on any cell phone and everyone tries to have a phone with the best display having lavish color with reasonable screen size.

Screen size (inches)       5.65

Touchscreen      Yes

Resolution          1080×2160 pixels

Pixels per inch (PPI)       428

The size of the phone matters a lot and if it’s too big or small it’s an awful thing. The problem is if you are having small hands then obviously big one is the worst selection because you may face handling issues of the cell phone. Honor’s size is way too perfect as its screen display is 5.65 inches without any front buttons to be pressed but merely touch system giving you enough display which can be easily manageable by anyone. The bezel got to shrink to 75.5% that is the screen to bezel ratio and the above-mentioned factors are responsible for this.


Looking at the frame then it’s solid and curved with rounded phone edges with the glass back and small fingerprint sensor which makes a slightly hollow sound while touching it via fingernails. They tried to make it better but the volume buttons are present at the right side again with the same 3.5mm headphone jack and micro USB port. Even though the single speaker is present over there but still, the voice quality is good and preferable. The width of the phone looks sleek and kind of normally built as it feels skinny in the pocket.


(Rear and front camera’s details)

Resolution of Honor 9’s screen is 1080 x 2160 which is totally HD resolution and the pixels density is 428 pixels per inch providing a better experience of clarity than other flagships like iPhone 8 etcetera. Besides this, the availability of night mode is a good option which can be reduced to 720p’s on the screen’s resolution.

                                                                    Honor 9 Lite Low Light Results

It also provides better brightness levels and IPS panel that allows you to visualize the angels clearly and making it easy to be used in the bright situations as well. The color contrast offers a bit blue hue but with the adjustable white balancing options giving the opportunity to set the screen according to your own preference.

This is something you can admire about because enjoying the cell phone with your own taste of use is far better than compromising with the given settings. The most interesting thing is this that screen is of 18:9 ratio keeping the bezel on the slime side by keeping your stuff in the center. It’s surely a good size to enjoy your serials, videos, songs and all other widescreen content with the enjoyable web browsing.

                                                                                         Bokhe Mode Result

Nowadays, cell phone with the good experience of Camera is preferable as you cannot carry your cameras all the day with you. So, purchasing a mobile possessing the best clicking ability is the elite choice. Whenever you need to save a moment all you have to do is snap it through your interesting gadget. A short review is given below to have quick information.

Rear camera       13-megapixel

Rear Flash           Yes

Front camera     13-megapixel

Front Flash         No

The presence of dual lens camera with the primary and secondary camera is too good for such series. As the front camera is 13 megapixels with the presence of secondary camera of 2 megapixels consisting of f-stop 2.0 aperture. The secondary camera allows the depth sensing.

There should be the addition of front flashlight so one can easily use this in the low light area without facing any zero to the phone. But the plus is you can blur your backgrounds and they can be adjusted after taking a picture even giving you the option of the degrees of blur with the maximum control over it. There should be other shooting modes in the front camera with few downloading options as well.

The rear camera is also 13 megapixels with the presence of f-stop 2.2 aperture and the secondary camera is 2 megapixels again or the depth sensing purposes. The option of a rear flashlight is too good and gives the enjoyable shooting even in the dim and low light zones.

                                                       Super Low Light Result of Honor 9Lite

 The front camera also carries shooting modes even with downloading options like time lapse, some Instagram effects, and panorama etc. But still, when talking about the saturation it’s a bit disappointment. As high contrast image’s clicking is still poor even with the rear camera. In the dark areas if you turn on the HDR mode the gains like feelings are still there.

 The negative point would be the absence of slow-motion option in the videos. The full HD video recording is 30 frames per second. But the modes are also present for the videos.


The latest version of its software is Android 8 which is something very good about this. The most stable version of EMUI has been introduced in it EMUI 8. And the interference of third parties and their advertisement can be simply ignored by uninstalling the application. The option of turning off and on of EMUI’s application is also available. All other customization options in themes, transitions, notifications and home screen styles are accessible in the settings.

Furthermore, different types of applications like Youtube, Netflix and Dailymotion etc work properly even with the choice of display settings whether to 16:9 or 18:9.

The powerful chipset of Kirin 659 with 3 Giga bites RAM definitely provides an appropriate level to it where the normal smartphone should be. Multiple tasking is kind of comfortable when doing on Huawei Honor lite 9. Comparatively, the slower side is the reading or writing of the memory and no doubt the transfer of heavy files and data is a bit frustrating but a little better than the other version. So, yeah can simply say that Honor Lite 9 did the preferable job than older ones.

Wi-Fi’s standard support:

WI-FI signal strength’s quality is reliable as the standard supported is 802.11 b/g/n and 3G and 4G is supportive as well. Although, sometimes the overall phone slows down while running applications at the same time. They need to work out on this side too.


The battery is of 3000mAh and charging time is slow if you get the chance to charge it completely it would take some time. For heavy users the battery might be usable for few hours otherwise can be long-lasting. There are many power saving modes are also obtainable.


Two slots of SIMs long with the presence of sensors like compass, magnetometer, accelerometer, Gyroscope, Ambient light Sensor and proximity sensors.

Now let me give you an opinion about who should buy this phone and why?

Well besides everything, if someone wants to have a phone with good performance and better basics at a normal price than Honor Lite 9 is a good choice as it does not cost heavy. If you are a teenager or not a hardcore gamer then make a purchase of this phone and enjoy its present features until the next updates. For the sake of great snaps all you have to do is to work on its modes and controls.

Is there any completion with other phones?

Definitely yes, the most common competition of Honor lite 9 is the one from its own company that is Huawei Honor 7X. It also has some kind of similar flaws but a bit better in camera and screen display. Huawei needs to work more on their upgrades carefully to wipe out their flaws.

Another one coming almost at the same price is MOTO G5 Plus but less graceful in design as compared to Huawei Honor Lite 9.

The question overall this comes into the mind is whether one should make a purchase of Huawei Honor Lite 9 or not?

I would definitely say yes but the condition is if you do not need a flagship phone but want to enjoy a better experience in a normal price possessing good display screen and design along with the stylish look in various classy colors. As it also has the capacity to click the fun selfies and pictures by merely adjusting the modes.

The price of this mobile phone is Rs.24, 999/- which is quite reasonable for this type of phone with these much qualities at a time.

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