Google maps going to add a new life changing feature

Google maps going to add a new life changing feature. Finally a new and life changing feature is going to add in Google Maps. If you want to know where you’re or forget your way to destination then all you need is to open your camera which will work with augmented reality directions to help with walking directions.

If you’re trying to follow a set of directions, you can now hold your phone up by opening the camera, and Google Maps will match the view from your camera to the saved Street View imagery of the world.

By using your camera, Street View can label things in the real world like restaurants, hotels and schools to show you an overlay to let you know which way to go.

Although, Google didn’t declare when the augmented reality features will come to the Google Maps app, however it did clue that it might even have a cute robotic fox which will act as your virtual guide. It will ultimately guide you where to go.


Google claims that the navigation app’s upcoming redesigned Explore tab will act as a “hub” where users locate unique places nearby, as well as places that are new to them. The tab will present options based on the area the user is exploring within the map, the company explains. The section will also tie in data from local experts, show where notable “tastemakers” are at, factor in trusted publications, and more.

Apart from the fact that Google Maps ratings and the Explore tab have quickly turn into one of the best ways to find good places to eat and drink, but before today, ratings have been general and common. Such as, it doesn’t matter if a restaurant has a 4.9-star rating if you just like pizza, and that’s the issue that Google is trying to resolve with a new “For You” tab.

In near future,the company will add a new “For You” tab down the bottom, which will be full of news about newly-opened locations near you, a “trending” locations section, and exciting offers and updates from your desired and favorite businesses.

Furthermore, based on your previous record of likes and recommendations now you will get personalize suggestions, making a Netflix-esque taste system for real-world things.

So, finally Google Maps is going to be revamped with a additional personal experience. The company aims to reduce the current apparently endless scrolling involved with “recommended restaurants,” by replacing it with faster, smarter suggestions. So, we will witness a new Explore tab and much more addition to Google maps in coming months.

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