Time to “Plog” in Pakistan: The how and the why!

Time to “Plog” in Pakistan: The how and the why. ‘Plogging’ is one of the hottest new global trends in 2018. No it is not the way you wear your pants or trainers. Nor it is some cyber gimmick. ‘Plogging’ is a new fitness trend which combines exercise with eco-consciousness. The idea is to go for a jog all while picking up trash on the way. This new trend has two major benefits, an exercise with variation in the routine which gives some rest to your knees all while going hard on those muffin rolls around your waist. And the best part is that YOU are actually doing your part to preserve environment!

Here are three more reasons why you should ‘PLOG’ from now on:

  1. Interesting and meaningful Instagram feed

Ever think of why that 45th selfie of yours has only 20 likes? Well! Your followers want variation! And what better option then to boast (rightly) about your part has done to save the planet.

  1. The ‘feel good’ feeling

Now why would you let the chance of feeling great let go? After all what better a feeling then to sleep at night knowing that your existence is meaningful for good!


  1. Distraction from pointless running

If you run on a treadmill then you must know what I am talking about. Sometimes it just gets SOOOO boring staring at the same point on the wall or watching an ant crawls on the other side. Plogging takes that away and your brain has a mission to complete all while you lose that useless weight! So Plog away!!


Samreen Zahra working at Telenor Microfinance Bank and currently doing MBA from Bahria University, Islamabad.

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