Danish minister suggests Muslims to take leave during Ramadan

Danish minister suggests Muslims to take leave during Ramadan

Danish minister suggests Muslims to take leave during Ramadan. She actually wants to avoid dangers she has wrongly associated with fasting during Ramadan

How commanding observance to a 1,400-year-old pillar of Islam” was compatible with modern labour markets? Questioned Integration Minister Inger Stoejberg, an immigration hardliner in Denmark‘s center-right government, in a blog post published Monday.

Her question has outraged Muslim community around the world as she has claimed that Muslims fasting for Ramadan could pose a danger in the workplace.

As millions of Muslims around the world began observing Ramadan last week, through a post published by Danish tabloid BT, Stoejberg cited bus drivers as an instance of workers whose performance could be affected by foregoing food & drink throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

Denmark is a country with some 250,000 Muslims, while its total population is of 5.7 million. Stoejberg urged all the Muslims in this Nordic country to take leave from work during the month of Ramadan “to avoid negative consequences for the rest of Danish society.”

A Finnish Muslim Union Chairwoman Pia Jardi has responded minister’s suggestion calling it “a completely absurd idea.”

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Pia Jardi said that there is no information or statistics to show that bus drivers or other Muslim workers would somehow behave dangerously while they observe fasting. She added that “In most Muslim countries, stores and businesses continue operating as normally.”

She said that it is the responsibility of Muslims committed to fasting to take proper rest.

Through this blog post i want to approach Dear Pia Jardi to tell her that her suggestion for Muslims to take proper rest is ideal one but would also call Stoejberg to join let both of them know that fasting has become much more easier in this age of technology than that 14,00 years ago.

Kind hearted Stoejberg! our leaders has taught us through fighting with empty stomachs and thirsty lips of even newborn Ali Asghar in battle of Karbala that there is nothing more important in the world than “Imaan”, so you should not be worried about our hunger and thirst.

Let me also make it clear that this is our Islamic spirit and faith in Allah  (SWT) that urge us not only to observe fasting but also do well even with empty stomachs to earn Rizq-e-Hilal. So bother not about our sufferings,  just look at the beauty of our religion that has chosen the way to make us aware of the sufferings of those in need by fasting.

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