Fazup anti-radiation patch brings mobile phone radiation to a safer level

Fazup anti-radiation patch brings mobile phone radiation to a safer level

Fazup an extra-thin patch including a passive antenna regulates and reduces the radiation emitted by the phone toward the head While making a call and toward the body when we carry phones.

Mobile phone radiation classified in 2011 as “possibly carcinogenic to humans,” has no global scientific consensus and this lack of clarity and regulation means that nothing is being done to protect mobile handsets users.

Fazup has been created in recognition of the fact that it might take many years for scientists to reach a consensus while millions of mobile phone users are getting badly affected due to mobile radiation. The Fazup anti-radiation solution is scientifically proven to reduce SAR levels of mobile phone, as it makes the head & body less exposed to harmful electromagnetic waves.

While being used, mobile phones emit massive amount of radiation, specifically when establishing communication. Radiation gets even worse when the network signal is weak or user is traveling at high speed. The exposure to phone radiation varies from 1 to 1,000 depending on network reception quality. The less network you have, the more exposed you are when communicating.

Fazup is made to deal with this “excessive emission.” It includes a passive antenna in conductive silver ink, precisely and specifically applied to the back of each compatible mobile phone. The passive antenna allows optimization of the power control of a mobile phone and reduces the amount of the emitted radiation to protect user.

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Metal objects interfere with electromagnetic waves, but Fazup controls this process in two ways.

Band optimization is a specific form of Fazup contour designed to work or interfere with all basic frequency bands used all over the world.

In-lab near-field radiation (NFR) pattern measurement has found a specific position for each phone model. Position optimization test  consists of an empiric selection of the position of the patch that reduces radiation emissions with high network signal quality. The aim is to decrease radiation to a safe level for the user.

To ensure the effectiveness of the patch, each phone must be placed in a specific position. As safe position for every model is different, Fazup has developed and patented a smart positioning tool that is included in each product kit to help users install the patch to its optimal position with millimeter precision.

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