Customs caught first ever E-Commerce fraud of Rs. 50 million at Karachi Airport

Customs caught first ever E-Commerce fraud of Rs. 50 million at Karachi Airport

Customs caught first ever E-Commerce fraud of Rs. 50 million at Karachi Airport. For the first time in the history of Pakistan custom has revealed an e-commerce scam at Jinnah International Airport Karachi Karachi on Saturday.

In this scam, high dutiable goods were being imported in the attire of Magazines and Printed Matter. According to the initial investigations, misdeclaration caused the national exchequer Rs 50 million in custom duties.

In a media brief held at AFU Karachi, Deputy Collector Shoaib Raza informed the media about the scam and display recovered items. Three persons who involved in this scam were arrested.

According to details, a Karachi based E-Commerce Company named M/S Paradise E-commerce Solutions imported 51 packages with overall weight of 690 Kgs imported via a company based in America. In import documents, this shipment declared the items as Magazines and Printed Matter.

However during the inspection, it was found that company didn’t carry magazine or printed material instead the batch contained cosmetics, food supplements, vitamins, ladies purses, electronic goods and various other household. In addition, one heavy duty 3D printer was also found in the consignment, which can only be imported after getting a NOC from Ministry of Interior.

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The value of the goods seized is Rs. 33,91, 514 and duty taxes amount to Rs. 28,54,943.

According to investigation, the company was involved in huge fraud by clearing high-value dutiable goods in the array of newspaper and magazines.

Furthermore, for the previous record of company about 25 shipments has also been recovered and the duty and taxes dodged so far are anticipated to be more than Rs. 50 million. However, the final amount will be determined on completion of the inquiry.

An FIR has registered against M/S Paradise E-commerce Solutions by customs.

Three people who were arrested include proprietor of M/S Paradise E-commerce Solutions, M Najib Markatiya, company Operation Manager, Waseem Ahmed, and Clearing In charge, Rafique Ahmed Siddique.

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