New leaks suggest Galaxy Note 9 to come with 512GB storage

New leaks suggest Galaxy Note 9 to come with 512GB storage

New leaks suggest Galaxy Note 9 to come with 512GB storage. After weeks of rumours delivering significant blows to Galaxy Note 9 expectations, Ice Universe one of the industry’s best insiders although ever mysterious yet consistently accurate one has reported a massive upgrade coming to this upcoming smartphone.

The leaker has reported that Samsung has planned to double up the storage of Galaxy Note 9. The storage expansion is being said to go up to massive 512GB.

Another massive upgrade being said to come in the Galaxy Note 9 is its RAM pushed up to 8GB.

Both of the above mentioned upgrades would be firsts for Samsung’s Galaxy ranges.

Another worth mentioning thing is that the Galaxy Note 9 will retain a microSD slot ( though compatible with up to 512GB). It means that the Galaxy Note 9 could be the world’s first mass-market 1TB-capable smartphone.

The recently released Galaxy S9 only has 4GB of RAM ( though the Plus variant has 6GB), a jump to 8GB would deliver bragging rights.

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But there is a problem as Ice Universe has revealed that both moves will happen “If you are lucky” aka Samsung is working to provide them, but has yet to fully commit before the Galaxy Note 9’s early release.

Previously the same leaker also broke the Galaxy Note 8 design and revealed the first real-world photos of the Galaxy S8 and provided every single spec of the Galaxy S9. So we can hope we “are lucky”.

In case the report is accurate, this Galaxy Note 9 model will have as much RAM as the OnePlus 6 (currently outperforms the Galaxy S9 in benchmark tests).

The 512GB Galaxy Note 9 is likely to be the most expensive Galaxy Note 9 option in those markets where Samsung will make this device available.

According recent benchmark test for the Exynos 9810 version, the base Galaxy Note 9 model will have 6GB of RAM. It is possible that the cheapest Galaxy Note 9 will have 64GB of storage.

The Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be unveiled earlier than expected this summer.

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