China plans to launch electric cars in Pakistan

China plans to launch electric cars in Pakistan

China plans to launch electric cars in Pakistan. It looks like the future of automobile industry is going to brighten in upcoming years. As, JAC Motors, a Chinese state-owned automobile company is planning to bring electric cars in Pakistan.

The Deputy Chief Economic Manager David Zhang confirmed the news about the company’s plan while talking to Associated Press of Pakistan. He expressed his confidence in the current economic situation of Pakistan and said,

“We are planning to introduce new energy vehicles particularly electric cars in the Pakistani market under a long-term development programme in the future. With more improvement in the economy and fundamental structure ready, we will have an opportunity to take our electric car into Pakistani market.”

“The performance of our products in the local market has been very good and we will expand our lines of production from medium to heavy-duty trucks in near future.” He added.

The objective behind this plan of making manufacturing plant for electric cars in Pakistan is to expand company’s production line. JAC believes that Pakistan’s economy is now on boom and it can even more improve the situation with better infrastructure and facilities in automobile sector.

Will it be going to prove inexpensive option for Pakistanis?

The Chinese company identifies the market gap, keeping in mind that there is a huge price cut in electric cars. It would definitely prove as an inexpensive choice for Pakistani customers. In order to target the middle-class segment, the Chinese company going to introduce the first ever electric cars in the country.

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Not to know, the automobile company has already set up a factory to locally manufacture trucks. Moreover, it is also exporting products like mini trucks to Pakistan.

It seems that Pak-China friendship has given the company, a prospect to work together with the government of Pakistan and bring investment to the country CPEC.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a mega-scale economic project that was launched between Pakistan and China two years ago. The corridor is doing well and helping in developing the Pakistani infrastructure.

JAC Motors has diverse portfolio and began exporting its vehicles back in 1990 in Bolivia. Afterward, company has sold cars in over hundred countries around the globe. In addition, JAC Motors also exports car parts and assemble them in their respective countries like Ethiopia, Egypt, Mexico, and Iran.

What’s your opinion about electric cars coming to Pakistan? Do you see it as an alternative and best option for mid-range segment?

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