Chance to get free Bitcoins for betting on FIFA 2018 winners via CryptoCup

Chance to get free Bitcoins for betting on FIFA 2018 winners via CryptoCup

Chance to get free Bitcoins for betting on FIFA 2018 winners via CryptoCup. Crypto craze is getting high again due to the entry of CryptoCup in the cryptocurrency market. Yes, it’s because CryptoCup is offering a challenge to win the free bitcoins.

If you’re soccer-savvy then you can also take part in Blockchain powered betting platform for the upcoming football World Cup, FIFA 2018, which is going to happen from 14 June till 15 July in Russia.

Throughout the whole 2018 World Cup, CryptoCup will be offering a cohort challenge on its platform and people who will choose winners of these football matches will be able to win company’s tokens as cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum.

Well, first of all, you need to buy tokens from CryptoCup’s website and then you will be capable to customize them according to your bet. According to the announcement, in the first week of the sale it will cost 0.045 ETH, with the price increases every successive week.

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Each CryptoCup token is just like an e-ticket that cannot be stolen, feigned or altered. Moreover, CryptoCup’s website is based on Ethereum‘s blockchain network, ERC-721. Due to this ability, developers affirms that this game is probably fair and totally transparent and significantly different from regular sports betting.

The users will get bonuses for a correct prediction after each game. Hence, at the end of the World Cup, the amount of bonus scores will decide the amount of the prize.

 According to Cryptocup’s executive, on July 23rd at the end of FIFA 18, all users with tokens of winning predictions will be rewarded.

At this point, the cost for CryptoCup’s tournament is 0.075 ETH which is around $42. The next price climb is predictable in three days and the price will keep increasing every subsequent week. Therefore, if you want to adopt this latest way of betting on sports, go and grab your chance before it gets too late.

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