HP patents fake label-spotting technology

HP patents fake label-spotting technology

HP patents fake label-spotting technology. With too many products in market it’s hard to identify if it is real or not. One of the best methods to identify if the product is genuine or fake is to check out the label or picture on product.  However, nowadays product labels or pictures can also be fake. So, it’s almost hard to find out the genuine products out there.

Finally someone took this matter seriously and invent the way to find the genuine label or pictures on the products. Yes, HP has discovered the method to locate the genuine products’ label in the market.

In this regard, Hewlett Packard (HP) has been awarded a US patent on a technique that can recognize if a picture or label on a product is genuine or fake.

The patent remarks that bogus products are sometimes identified by digitally capturing images of labels and then comparing them to authentic labels even though this is a procedure that uses lots of processing power, bandwidth and memory.

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However, HP’s patent expressed a new approach to make the comparison using selected features (known as counterfeit identification performance attributes or CIPAs) of an image. According to the report, the images may be captured using a series of different devices, and ways for making the comparison.

Here is the abstract of HP’s patent which states “Feature resolutions sensitivity for counterfeit determinations”.

According to the security industry the abstract of the patent is” counterfeit identification performance attribute (SIPA) sensitivity to changes in resolution of the image for features of an image is determined. The CIPA sensitivity for the features is used to choose at least one feature to determine whether the image on a sample is a counterfeit.”

In a nutshell, the latest patent by HP will make it easier to identify and check the authenticity of labels and pictures on different products.

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