Oppo: Find X Flagship Smartphone To Be Launched In Paris From 19 June

Oppo: Find X Flagship Smartphone To Be Launched In Paris From 19 June

Oppo Find X Flagship Smartphone To Be Launched In Paris From 19 June. This Tuesday a Chinese smartphone maker company called Oppo has announced that its hot smartphone called  “Find X” is now all set to be launched in Paris.

According to the schedule the company has released for the launch event of “Find X” 19th of June 2018 is the date due for the unveiling ceremony of the phone. The schedule comes barely a week after the handset maker Oppo revived its “Find” series of smartphones on its website & social media channels.

The upcoming smartphone  “Find X” by Oppo does represent the company’s endless exploration of the ultimate future smartphone with the letter “X”, meaning the unknown, adventurous & extreme, according to the company while making a statement.

The point to be noted here is that the Find X will be the first device in OPPO “Find” series since “Find 7” & “Find 7A” devices that were launched in India in June 2014.

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The Chinese company first released “Find X903” — the first “Find” smartphone in June 2011 with a unique side-sliding qwerty keyboard design alongside flagship performance.

Take a look back at the history of OPPO’s “Find” series. You will definitely see line-up featured side-sliding qwerty keyboard design with these smartphones. Another note worthy thing will be the frames of the smartphones that are thin and have highest-definition screens.

Do you remember the latest smartphone that was launched by the handset maker in India? It is “Realme 1” a new budget smartphone by Oppo. The “Realme 1” range for e-commerce.

Oppo Electronics Corporation is most commonly referred to as Oppo. It is a Chinese consumer electronics and mobile communication company. The company is specially known for its smartphones, Blu-ray players and a range of other electronic devices.

What specs you want in the upcoming flagship device by Oppo? Would you like to get your hands on one? Let us know below in the comments session.

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